The Passions of Carol with Shaun Costello

The Passions of Carol with Shaun Costello – Distribpix Podcast #1

Over the years we have collected quite an interesting audio and video archive, based on interviewing many of the key players from the golden age of film making from the directors and actors to the distributors and theater owners. We are going to begin to add some of our audio/video interviews to the site and blog on a regular basis. These podcasts will be available on our new site, which is launching on New Years, 2011. In the meantime, the clips will also be sent via e-mail to those on our mailing list and the link will be housed on our blog, as well.

With this said, I am very pleased to announce that we just completed our first podcast with the legendary director, Shaun Costello, of famed XXX classics like Forced Entry, WaterPower and Midnight Desires. The short interview was conducted via phone between Shaun and Chicago based film buff, Joe Rubin. Since it is Christmas tomorrow and we just released Shaun Costello’s 1975 classic, ‘The Passions of Carol’, this interview is of perfect timing. It is a perfect teaser and leaves you wanting to buy this cult Christmas classic! Highly recommended listening. Some near future podcasts include the likes of Radley Metzger, Annie Sprinkle, Shaun Costello to name a few.

Play the Shaun Costello Podcast Interview from 12-24-10 here:

Download here: Shaun Costello Podcast

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