BIG ABNER coming soon to DVD

Oh, yes, yet another amazing classic from the Distribpix/Video-X-Pix archives. Recently transferred from 35 mm negative, this film is in excellent condition. It is a total whacky and sexual peek into the lives of some backwards country folk. Sonny Landham plays Big Abner, the main character who sleeps around with every girl in town. You may recognize Sonny as he has been in several Hollywood Blockbusters over the past 2 decades, particularly he starred in PREDATOR alongside Arnold Scwarzenegger , and in Walter Hill’s unforgettable 48 hours, with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, Sonny starred as escaped convict, Billy Bear.
Sonny has starred in only a handful of sexploitation and XXX films and we own 7 of them, we are proud to release this re-mastered film, from the good old days.

Also, keep your eyes out for a Sonny Landham Anthology, which will be a multi disc set of his XXX features , as well as liner notes from our famed historian and possibly an interview with the actual politician from Kentucky himself!!

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