Barbara Broadcast 2013- the reviews are coming in



After a very long project and many months of post, it is wonderful to finally begin to see the reviews around the internet. So far, we have seen through reviews from Rock!Shock!Pop!, Mondo Digital and just recently Third Eye Cinema. All 3 reviews, IMO, are thorough and each critic obviously took the time, to not only watch the film, but to also explore the entire package. I am happy to also read that so far, the reviews have been favorable and accurate.

And remember, the most important thing to accomplish when making any re-release is to make sure you try to do it right, from the beginning, no matter what the project. In the case of Barbara, she is often shadowed by her older sister Misty, but if you take that away for a moment, the Barbara Broadcast Blu Ray Combo Pack is really a solid package, all around. If you have Misty on Blu, you have to have Barbara as well.

Enjoy the most recent Barbara Broadcast 2103 reviews:




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