The Naughty Nurse Double Feature - Pre-Order Now

Tue, 2015-02-03 04:25

The incredibly long wait is soon over, as dozens and dozens of the original Distribpix Inc. productions and releases will be hitting home video on DVD and choice VOD platforms. These lost sexploitation gems will be packaged as double features with a common theme, by director, actor, genre, etc. Each film is transferred in High Definition and each original trailer is also included, as well as other extras, depending on each release. The films are being revived and released for the first time ever on home video, under the umbrella of the Distribpix Archive Collection (DAC).

The Distribpix films themselves are incredibly important to sex film history, as they fueled the grind-houses as Americans were thirsting for more filth. These sex exploitation films bridged the gap and filled that temporary void, between the pre-white coaters and all out X rated fare! Although one can argue that these films in our collection are hokey and downright bad, all I can say is that they would be dam right!!!! Well, not really. They might be some of the most entertaining, and in some ways groundbreaking erotic films of the modern day. I was really alluding to the fact that many of these are at the very low end of the spectrum as far as production value is concerned, even though they were shot in 35mm, they are bad in almost every way. Fingers seen in the frame, poor lighting, and even worse acting are a few of the dead giveaways. But keep in mind, that even with that said, many of these are still among the best sexploitation films ever made, like ones produced by the late and great Joe Sarno, as well as the Amero Brothers, the Findlays, Ron Sullivan, and so many more. The collection as a whole is invaluable and stands for a vital part of American sexploitation history and over the next few years, we hope to be able to bring all of these into your living rooms, as gorgeous, remastered films in HD, 2k, or even 4k.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the first installment of the Distribpix Archive Collection!! Enjoy.

The Naughty Nurses Double Feature