Tue, 2010-08-31 23:28

AEBN wins VOD Rights to HD Version of 'Inside Little Oral Annie'


Inside Little Oral Annie will be the first classic adult film released in HD

AEBN Wins VOD Rights to HD Version of ‘Inside Little Oral Annie’

CHARLOTTE, NC.—AEBN, a leader in adult video-on-demand distribution, has obtained exclusive VOD rights to the High Definition version of Inside Little Oral Annie, a 1984 production that will be the first classic adult film to be released in HD.

The painstaking conversion of the film to HD from the original 35 mm negatives was done by Video-X-Pix, owner of an extensive collection of older "sexploitation" films. It will be available exclusively beginning in mid-September.

 "The conversion to HD of this beautifully preserved master is a really remarkable achievement and AEBN is honored to have the exclusive VOD rights to one of the great adult movies from the golden age of erotic entertainment," said Jerry Anders, vice president for sales and marketing at AEBN. "The star of the movie, who was known as Little Oral Annie, was a world-class talent in lingual stimulation, as her name implies, and this movie demonstrates skills that are unsurpassed even to this day."

According to Steven Morowitz of Video-X-Pix, "The performance of LOA made Linda Lovelace look like a schoolgirl, so this remastering was a work of love. In converting the original master we even had to upgrade some of our equipment to be able to handle the large HD files, which are so big that without the proper connection, the system just chokes up. The HD re-mastering takes up 800 gigabytes of space on our hard drives. It now has a clear picture, crisp edges and true color.

“It was shot by sexploitation veteran Joseph Sarno, who made dozens of ’80s films and video features,” Morowitz continued, “so having good film stock and a talented person behind the camera certainly helps to make a successful picture. Inside Little Oral Annie is a great example of smut in the ’80s and it happens to be our all-time best-selling DVD in the adult market."

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