White Hot (1984)

White Hot DVD
White Hot DVD

In Carter Stevens' latest release, White Hot, we meet Margot Park-Lexington, (Miss Charlie Latour), who has been left penniless after the death of her supposedly wealthy husband. Her, attorney, after having read the will, suggested that her only alternative for survival was to obtain employment as as maid in her former mansion which was leased to a wealthy young playboy whose main interest in life constituted sexual fulfillment. In the course of Margot's employment, she is befriended by the next door meighbor, Kathy Bloom (Baby Doe), who, like her employer, also leads a wanton and lecherous life. Kathy initiates Margot and other neighborhood wives in the secrets of every sexual activity imaginable. There are constant orgies going on and Margot, being as excellent pupil, decides that in order to earn enough money so as to recapture her former expensive way of life, her best bet was to turn the mansion into an expensive and unique whorehouse by using the neighborhood women as call girls. This is all accomplished during the prolonged absence of the new owner who graciously agrees to let Margot proceed with her new enterprise with the knowledge that their relationship would continue as in the past.

Running Time :90 Minutes

Starring : Miss Charlie Latour, Baby Doe, Toni Thomas, Crystal Cox, Roxanne Reynolds, Sally Fisher Produced & Directed by Carter Stevens

Studio : Video X Pix

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