The Passions of Carol : Platinum Elite Collection (2010)

From acclaimed cult filmmaker Shaun Costello comes the wildest, funniest, and most outrageous Christmas movie you've never seen, an X rated adaptation of Charles Dicken's A CHRISTMAS CAROL!

Mary Stuart stars as Carol Scrooge, the curmudgeonly owner of Biva Magazine (a sleazy skin publication), who insists that her employees work on Christmas. However, on Christmas eve, Miss Scrooge is visited by three ghosts, each of whom shows her a different vision of Christmas, from Carol's lurid past of sexually manipulating her childhood friends, to the meager Christmas celebrations of her present day employee, Bob Hatchet and his wife, to a terrifying and sleazy vision of Christmas yet to come; each visit is infused with a barrel of laughs and a valuable lesson about the importance of giving and holiday spirit.

Masterfully lensed by Bill Markle and featuring a host of sex-film stars, including Kim Pope, Jamie Gillis, Alan Marlow, Day Jason, Marc Stevens, and Sonny Landham (who went on to appear along side Eddie Murphy in 48 HOURS!), THE PASSIONS OF CAROL offers everything a Christmas film should have: heart, humor, good spirits...and a healthy dosage of steamy sex! PASSIONS is a sure stocking stuffer, in more ways than one.

Restored in High Definition from long thought to be lost 35mm elements, and featuring the first ever audio commentary track from writer, director, and editor, Shaun Costello, experience this Christmas classic the way no one has over 35 years!


THE PASSIONS OF CAROL (1975) Adult magazine mogul Carol Scrooge (Mary Stuart) is visited by a ghostly Marc Stevens and set on a path of sexual righteousness. Shaun Costello’s erotic retelling of “A Christmas Carol” also stars Kim Pope, Jamie Gillis and Day Jason. According to the director this film was the first complete screenplay that he...


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