The Nesting (1979)

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"An agoraphobic writer moves into a haunted house in The Nesting (1981). Lauren Cochran (Robin Groves) is a writer whose anxiety and agoraphobia make life in New York a nightmare. To save her sanity, Lauren moves to a quiet country town, but it’s not exactly the idyllic escape she was hoping for".............For Full review go to MR. SKIN


 "Blue Underground’s AVC encoded 1.85.1 widescreen 1080p high definition transfer is pretty impressive, presenting the film on home video in its proper widescreen aspect ratio for the first time ever. The grain structure looks more or less intact and there’s only very minor print damage visible. Color reproduction looks very good and black levels are nice and strong without crushing in the darker scenes"............For Full Review go to Rock!Shock!Pop!


 "The Nesting is, in essence, a fairly cliche haunted house story. The script doesn’t really offer any major surprises, but director Armand Weston handles the material with such flair that it hardly matters. This is all the more surprising when one finds that Weston spent his entire career directing hardcore porn movies"................For Full Review go to AV


 "Largely dismissed upon its release during the formative years of '80s slasher mania, The Nesting is a fascinating and unique ghost story that's aged in fascinating ways over the years. Thanks to a fascinating central haunted house, a unique combination of a kinky traumatic past and an unstable heroine, and several stylish directorial flourishes, it's a nifty little spook show if you're willing to go along with its deliberately paced revelations and ignore some goofy plot inconsistencies"................For Full review go to


 "The Nesting was co-written and directed by Armand Weston, a filmmaker most known for his work with in the adult film industry directing such films like The Defiance of the Good and Expose me Lovely. The cinematographer on The Nesting would also feature another adult film industry regular cinematographer Joao Fernandes, who’s diverse resume as cinematographer includes the following films, Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, Darktown Strutters, Through the Looking Glass and The Prowler. A few other titles that The Nesting is also known under include Massacre Mansion and Phobia"..............For Full review go to


"Hard at work releasing many of their classic titles on Blu Ray, Blue Underground is releasing their first new title in quite some time on June 28th - The Nesting. A little known horror film from 1981, this one is a welcome addition to Blue Underground's fantastic catalog and sure to be a hit among horror fans. I'll admit that I had never heard of this film before but when I saw the announcement for it, I instantly knew I had to get it".................For Full review go to b movies and


"I must have seen the box art for this ’80s horror flick a thousand times on the shelves of a dozen mom & pop video rental stores and yet I never did see it. Why? Because with a title like The Nesting I assumed it was about killer bugs or something and I preferred my horror back then to be of a more slasher, zombie, demonic, or ghostly nature. But, if I had taken a moment to read the back of this movie’s box, I might have been surprised. Sort of like how I was surprised when I got this new Blu-ray in the mail from my buddies over at Blue Underground'....................For Full review go to

"When The Shining opened up in the summer of 1980, there seemed to be a bunch of haunted house/ghost movies that followed in the years, trying to capture the same success. However, many of them have been forgotten as years have gone by but Blue Underground has brought us one of them: 1981′s The Nesting"....................For Full review go to UNRATED


 "The Nesting was released in 1981, which was during the height of the slasher film craze. So, it's admirable that Co-writer/Director Armand Weston would shun the trend and make an old-fashioned haunted house movie. The movie forgoes over-the-top gore and violence, as well as gratuitous nudity, in favor of atmosphere. Unfortunately, Weston did a terrible job at this, and the movie fails at nearly every turn".....................For Full review go to DVD


 "Jump ahead to present day, and the one-time mansion has fallen into disrepair; just flush the toilet, and a window cracks. But it strikes agoraphobic novelist Lauren Cochran (Robin Groves, "Stephen King's Silver Bullet") as the perfect spot to rent from John Carradine so she can type away without feeling cramped by the big city. That's before she realizes that the house is haunted by the ghosts of prostitutes. So what's the problem?"..............For Full review go to OKLAHOMA


 "I am not a fan of ghost/haunted house horror. It rarely is done in a way that isn’t completely cheesy and predictable. Doors will open and close by themselves, strange disembodied voices, inanimate objects fly around the room and maybe, just maybe you get a specter in a a white, flowing dress. I fucking hate that shit and as a rule, just stay away from it. Granted, there are movies like Tobe Hoopers classic Poltergeist that will live on forever in my movie collection and I will pull it out and watch it every so often because it’s just that good and it stands the test of time. But for the most part, meh… give me a good slasher flick any day. Case in point; adult filmmaker Armand Weston’s broke-dick supernatural clunker, The Nesting"............For Full review go to


 "Blue Underground’s Blu-Ray edition of “The Nesting” looks utterly terrific considering the age and relative obscurity of the picture. DTS MA 7.1 audio is also on-hand plus deleted/extended scenes, trailers, TV spots, and a poster and stills gallery"...........For Full review go to FILM SCORE


 "Also known as MASSACRE MANSION and apparently shot under the title PHOBIA, THE NESTING was the creation of adult filmmaker Armand Weston in an attempt to go mainstream after witnessing the box office success of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. This New York-lensed oddity has garnished a decent cult following over the years (as do many low budget early 1980s horror flicks), but has been pretty much out of view since its VHS release on Warner Home Video back in the day. Blue Underground is now bringing it into the digital age on DVD, as well as this Blu-ray disc presentation"............For Full Review go to DVD


 "Despite the fact that the movie crosses two very familiar horror storylines (the haunted house and the revenge from the grave plots), it still manages to be offbeat enough to hold my interest, and manages to have some interesting details. This is good, because the movie definitely suffers in several regards; some of the acting is quite weak, the dialogue is often clunky and some of it is quite awful, there are plot elements that are never explained (why do the ghosts go after the doctor?), and it has a big ending where none is needed"...........For Full review go to DVD


 "The Nesting plays kind of like a grindhouse spin on The Changeling: an atmospheric, character-driven ghost story that every once in a while shamelessly throws in some tits and splatter. Sounds great on paper, sure, but the movie never really manages to pull it off. If you're thinking about grabbing this Blu-ray disc to scratch some kind of exploitation itch, those screengrabs cover pretty much all of it"...........For Full review go to


 "I love a good haunted house story. I’m a superstitious and cowardly man, easily frightened by anything that defies rational explanation. Films like Peter Medak’s nerve-shattering The Changeling, Robert Wise’s seminal The Haunting, and, on a much greater scale, Stanley Kubrick’s take on Stephen King’s The Shining stand out as serious horror movies with sophisticated scares that have cost me untold hours of sleep over the course of my life, while movies like The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist have absolutely ruined me for basements and television screens"..............For Full review go to Horror


 "An agoraphobic mystery novelist named Lauren Cochran (Robin Groves) finds herself at the mercy of the busy streets of the big city, and with help from her boyfriend Mark (Christopher Loomis) and shrink Dr. Webb (Patrick Farrelly) decides to leave the apartment in order to cure her mental issues, along with a new onset of writer's block. Lauren rents an old Victorian house in the quiet, green countryside, unaware of the building’s shocking history"............For Full review go to DVD


"I first saw The Nesting a few years ago when I picked up the X rated Kult release from Germany. Well, that disk SUCKED (which I’ll cover later in the picture and audio section). I remembered liking the first half, but being really underwhelmed by the second. I was hoping it was just because the transfer was so bad that I couldn’t see- but sadly, my opinion stuck. The last act of this film is ridiculous garbage"...........For Full review go to Sins of 


 "One might also give the filmmakers marks for attempting something as old-fashioned as a ghost story at a time when bloody slasher films were taking over the horror market (this may be one reason why The Nesting is a rather obscure entry, though it does contain some fairly mild gore). It loses points for a screenplay that too often depends on its characters doing stupid things to move the story along. How stupid? "..............For Full review go to


"Out now, and looking stunning on Blu-ray, is the offbeat ghost tale The Nesting (Blue Underground). This 1980 film, directed by Armand Weston, stars Robin Groves as a novelist suffering from agoraphobia who considers a move to the country might help cure her"............For Full review go to