Maraschino Cherry: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set (2009)

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"Perhaps the most intriguing period of Radley Metzger’s career was a five-year span in the seventies when he worked in the adult industry under the gloriously stylish pseudonym of Henry Paris. As Paris, Metzger delivered a stirring collection of adult films that are without peer in the industry, with his stunning The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976) rightly considered the greatest adult film ever made. While it isn’t his greatest work as Henry Paris, 1978’s Maraschino Cherry is one of the most important, as it the swansong for Metzger’s alter-ego"....Review at Harry Moseby Confidential


 "Even though the film does at times lack the heat present in his best films. Everything is held together and works as well as it does because of the film’s fluid editing that does a remarkable job mixing previously shot footage with newly shot footage. Most of Metzger’s films are known for their offbeat humor and witty dialog. Maraschino Cherry is filled many amusing comedy set pieces like a man who comes every time he sneezes and a woman who is whipped and used as a human clock"...Review at 10K BULLETS


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