Luscious (1980)

 Luscious DVD
 Luscious DVD

Once you taste her, you'll never forget...

When three lovely, lusty small town girls head off for the tropics in search of excitement, they wind up at Casa Luscious, the most exotic, erotic hotel in the overheated Caribbean. From the moment the three beauties strip down and change into their bikinis, you know you're in for a sex-charged vacation like none you've ever experienced. These girls waste no time in exploring every fantasy they-and you- have ever dreamed of. LUSCIOUS combines breathtaking locations and beautiful people to bring you the hottest sex scenes on the screen. Let LUSCIOUS take you away on a pleasure trip-you'll want to go back again for more.
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 75 Minutes
Starring : Samantha Fox, Lisa DeLeeuew, Vanessa Del Rio, Champagne

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