Bel Ami (1976)

Bel Ami DVD
 Bel Ami DVD

Beautiful Friend

Harry Reems in Guy De Moupassant's Most Erotic Novel with Christa Linder and Maria Lynn, Joe Sarno, Harry Reems, Maria Forsa, Others...Reems is the journalist given a chance to become publisher of a French hardcore magazine. Feature chronicles his sexual (mis) adventures in pursuit of stories (like an African diplomat's hot blooded affairs) and photos of the famous in infamous positions, with cute babes trying to drag him into the bushes (or wherever) at every turn. Funny, hot and very 70's.

"Harry Reems in his final Blue Movie - is charming and virle. The women are breathtaking creatures." -Reggie Danzig, HIGH SOCIETY
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 104 Minutes
Starring : Christa Linder, Maria Lynn, Joe Sarno, Harry Reems, Maria Forsa

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