DistribPix and Video-X-Pix Cast & Crew

The following is a complete listing of all of the cast and crew that were involved in the creation of the greatest XXX adult classics of all time. From the actors and actresses, to the directors and producers, to the screenwriters. We have images for the majority of our cast and crew, but for the ones that are missing we have provided a photo placeholder. We are always looking for images, please contact us if you have any images that you would like to post to the cast and crew.

First name Last name Primary Role
Nina Preta Actress
No No Actor
Norman Gurney Director
Nyla Lamar Actress
Ole Soltoft Actor
Oscar Tripe Director
Patricia Dale Actress
Patricia Feldman Director
Patti Paget Actress
Patti Sebring Actress
Patty Boyd Actress
Paul Thomas Actor
Paul Hardy Actor
Paul Zayas Actor
Paul Carrigan Actor
Paula Morton Actress
Pauline Schneider Actress
Peggy Steffans Actress
Penelope Lamour Actress
Peonies Jong Actress
Peter Johns Actor
Peter Craig Actor
Peter Andrews Actor
Peter Ross Actor
Peter Hand Actor
Peter Woodcock Director
Peter Walsh Director
Phil Smith Actor
Philip T. Drexler Director
Phillip Silver Actor
Phyllis Stein Director
Pia Rydberg Actress
Porsche Lynn Actress
Portia Portia Actress
Preben Mahrt Actor
R.G. Benjamin Director
Rachel Ashley Actress
Radley Metzger Director
Raf Mauro Director
Ralph Ell Director
Ram Happel Jr. Director
Randi Sablon Actor
Randy West Actor
Randy Hadon Actor
Randy Paul Actor
Raquel Welch Actress
Ras Kean Actor
Ray Stuart Actor
Ray Hoersch Director
Renee Summers Actress