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Year Film Directorsort icon
2013 Barbara Broadcast Blu Ray Plus 2 DVD Combo Pack Radley Metzger
2014 The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Single Version Radley Metzger
2014 The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, Single Radley Metzger
2011 Naked Came the Stranger Radley Metzger
2014 Naked Came the Stranger, Single Version Radley Metzger
1976 The Opening of Misty Beethoven Radley Metzger
1974 The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann - 2 Disc Set Radley Metzger
2014 Barbara Broadcast Single DVD Version Radley Metzger
1977 Barbara Broadcast Radley Metzger
2014 Maraschino Cherry Single Version DVD Radley Metzger
2014 The Henry Paris Collection: 5 Pack Collector's Box Set Radley Metzger
1978 Maraschino Cherry Radley Metzger
2009 Maraschino Cherry: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set Radley Metzger
1973 Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig Ray Hoersch
1981 Centerfold Fever Richard Mailer
1981 A Girl's Best Friend Ron Sullivan
1969 This Sporting House (B&W) Ron Sullivan
1968 Scare Their Pants Off (B & W) Ron Sullivan
1984 Babylon Blue Ron Sullivan
1985 Phone Sex Fantasies Ron Sullivan
1967 Lust Weekend (B & W) Ron Sullivan
1985 Hot Wire Ron Sullivan
1968 The Bizarre Ones ( B & W) Ron Sullivan
1976 That Lady From Rio Shaun Costello
2010 The Passions of Carol : Platinum Elite Collection Shaun Costello
1975 Come Fly With Us Shaun Costello
1976 Midnight Desires Shaun Costello
1974 Teenage Nurses Shaun Costello
1974 The Love Bus Shaun Costello
1975 The Passions of Carol Shaun Costello
1972 The Morning After Sydney Knight
1970 The Debauchers Sydney Knight
1973 Fast Ball Tim Davies
1976 The Erotic Dr. Jekyll Victor Milt
1977 Violation of Claudia William Lustig
1977 Hot Honey William Lustig