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Year Film Directorsort icon
1981 Blue Magic Chuck Vincent
1985 Sex Drive Chuck Vincent
1980 Roommates Chuck Vincent
1973 High Rise Danny Stone
1981 Angel Buns David MacKenzie
1984 Stray Cats Eric Andersson
1984 Dirty Blonde Eric Andersson
1984 Sex On The Set Eric Edwards
1973 Danish Pastries Finn Carlsson
1962 Tonight For Sure Francis Ford Coppola
1986 Parted Lips Francis Healy
1976 Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street Francis Leroy
1978 People Gerard Damiano
1982 Consenting Adults Gerard Damiano
1986 Seven Minutes In Heaven Gino Colbert
1978 All About Gloria Leonard Gloria Leonard
1969 Anything Once (B &W) Graham Place
1968 Room And Broad (B & W) Graham Place
1971 A Time To Love Harold Kovner
1970 The Postgraduate Harold Kovner
1975 Sexteen Howard Ziehm
1988 The Horneymooners Irving Weiss
1986 Sex Styles Of The Rich And Famous J. Angel Martine
1985 Eaten Alive J. Angel Martine
1979 Inside Jennifer Welles Jennifer Welles
1978 Take Off Joao Fernandes
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joao Fernandes
1970 Bacchanale John Amero
2010 Blonde Ambition: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set John Amero
1981 Blonde Ambition John Amero
1975 Every Inch a Lady John Amero
1973 Dynamite John Amero
1981 Blue Jeans John Christopher
1972 Illusions of A Lady Jonas Middleton
1971 Cherry Blossom Joseph Middleton
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joseph Middleton
1978 All About Gloria Leonard Joseph Sarno
1980 Inside Seka Joseph Sarno
1973 Sleepy Head Joseph Sarno
1961 Nude In Charcoal (B & W) Joseph Sarno
1979 Tigresses Joseph Sarno
1979 Inside Jennifer Welles Joseph Sarno
2010 Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle: Platinum Elite Collection 3 Disc Set Joseph Sarno
1982 The Erotic World Of Angel Cash Joseph Sarno
1985 Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan Joseph Sarno
1977 Hot Wives Joseph Sarno
1967 Anything For Money (B & W) Joseph Sarno
1976 Slippery When Wet Joseph Sarno
1966 Skin Deep In Love (B & W) Joseph Sarno
1984 Cheap Thrills Joseph Sarno
1986 Oversexed Joseph Sarno
1965 Flesh and Lace Joseph Sarno
1982 Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Joseph Sarno
1968 Vibrations (B & W) Joseph Sarno
2007 The Original Insides Box Set - 4 Pack Joseph Sarno
1984 Inside Little Oral Annie Joseph Sarno
1966 The Bed And How To Make It! (B & W) Joseph Sarno
1970 Horn-A-Plenty Joseph Sarno
1974 Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander Larry G. Spangler
1982 Wanda Whips Wall Street Larry Revene
1979 Jack n Jill Larry Revene
2014 Wanda Whips Wall Street (New Edition) Larry Revene
1980 Roommates Larry Revene
1973 Dynamite Lem Amero
1970 Bacchanale Lem Amero
2010 Blonde Ambition: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set Lem Amero
1981 Blonde Ambition Lem Amero
1975 Every Inch a Lady Lem Amero
1976 Teenage Deviate Leo Lion
1982 The Erotic Adventures of Lolita Leon Gucci
1983 Coed Teasers Leon Gucci
2015 Naughty Nurses Double Feature (Head Nurse/Nurse-Made) Leonard Kirtman
1970 Mother Knows Best Leonard Kirtman
1970 Open Air Bedroom Leonard Kirtman
1976 Once Over Nightly Leonard Kirtman
1980 Female Athletes Leonard Kirtman
1973 Headset Leonard Kirtman
1970 Construction Gang Leonard Kirtman
1971 Moving Violation Leonard Kirtman
1970 Girl's Prison Leonard Kirtman
1969 Joys Of Georgette Leonard Kirtman
1969 Sex Family Robinson- America's Most Intimate Family (B & W) Linda Vair
1969 Sex Family Robinson On The Farm (B&W) Linda Vair
1986 Firebox Louis Warren
1976 Bel Ami Mac Ahlberg
1975 Felicia Max Pecas
1969 All Night Rider Michael Findlay
1965 Satan's Bed Michael Findlay
1969 Crack-Up Michael Findlay
1969 The Closer To The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat Michael Findlay
1980 Secrets of a Willing Wife Norman Gurney
1976 Blonde Velvet Philip T. Drexler
1976 Virgin Snow Philip T. Drexler
1979 Blonde In Black Silk Philip T. Drexler
1976 Ecstasy In Blue Philip T. Drexler
1976 Delicious Philip T. Drexler
1975 French Shampoo Philip T. Drexler
1978 Maraschino Cherry Radley Metzger
2009 Maraschino Cherry: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set Radley Metzger
2012 The Opening of Misty Beethoven - Collector's Edition 2 DVD Set Radley Metzger