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Year Film Directorsort icon
1971 Cherry Blossom Joseph Middleton
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joseph Middleton
1972 Illusions of A Lady Jonas Middleton
1981 Blue Jeans John Christopher
2010 Blonde Ambition: Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set John Amero
1981 Blonde Ambition John Amero
1975 Every Inch a Lady John Amero
1973 Dynamite John Amero
1970 Bacchanale John Amero
1978 Take Off Joao Fernandes
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joao Fernandes
1979 Inside Jennifer Welles Jennifer Welles
1986 Sex Styles Of The Rich And Famous J. Angel Martine
1985 Eaten Alive J. Angel Martine
1988 The Horneymooners Irving Weiss
1975 Sexteen Howard Ziehm
1971 A Time To Love Harold Kovner
1970 The Postgraduate Harold Kovner
1968 Room And Broad (B & W) Graham Place
1969 Anything Once (B &W) Graham Place
1978 All About Gloria Leonard Gloria Leonard
1986 Seven Minutes In Heaven Gino Colbert
1978 People Gerard Damiano
1982 Consenting Adults Gerard Damiano
1976 Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street Francis Leroy
1986 Parted Lips Francis Healy
1962 Tonight For Sure Francis Ford Coppola
1973 Danish Pastries Finn Carlsson
1984 Sex On The Set Eric Edwards
1984 Dirty Blonde Eric Andersson
1984 Stray Cats Eric Andersson
1981 Angel Buns David MacKenzie
1973 High Rise Danny Stone
1973 Lecher Chuck Vincent
1979 Satin Suite Chuck Vincent
1980 Luscious Chuck Vincent
1978 Bad Penny Chuck Vincent
1980 Bon Appetit Chuck Vincent
1979 That Lucky Stiff Chuck Vincent
1977 Visions Chuck Vincent
1977 Dirty Lilly Chuck Vincent
1979 Misbehavin Chuck Vincent
1983 Puss 'n Boots Chuck Vincent
1980 Fascination Chuck Vincent
1979 Jack n Jill Chuck Vincent
1976 Bang Bang You Got It Chuck Vincent
1985 Sex Drive Chuck Vincent
1981 Blue Magic Chuck Vincent
1980 Roommates Chuck Vincent
1981 A Scent of Heather Chuck Vincent
1981 The Love-In Arrangement Charles Larkin
Does Size Really Count? Charles Hirsch
1984 White Hot Carter Stevens
1977 Honeymoon Haven Carter Stevens
1966 All My Men (B & W) C. Davis Smith
1967 File X For Sex :The Perverted (B &W) C. Davis Smith
1967 To Turn A Trick ( B & W) C. Davis Smith
1968 Murder a la Mod (B & W) Brian De Palma
1976 Double Exposure of Holly Bob Gill
2014 Billy Bagg Double Feature(Violation of Claudia/Hot Honey) Bill Lustig
1984 Hot Stuff Bill Eagle
1982 Blonde Goddess Bill Clayton
1979 The Nesting Armand Weston
1976 Expose Me Lovely Armand Weston
1978 Take Off Armand Weston
1980 S.O.S. Al Goldstein
1970 The Low Blow (B&W)
1986 Porked
1972 Sticky Situation
1968 Spread Eagles
2008 The Jennifer Welles Box Set - 4 Pack
1977 Joy
2009 Cara Lott "Cum Inside Me"
1968 Of The Same Gender ( B & W)
1987 The Honeydrippers
1973 Danish Modern
1985 Women Without Men
2009 The Jacqueline Lorians Anthology
The Blowhards
1965 The Slut (B &W)
2010 The Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature -3 Pack
1969 A Bride For Brenda (B&W)
1986 Desperately Sleazy Susan
1986 Miami Vice Girls
2008 The Little Oral Annie Collection
1970 Take My Head
1970 Stroke Of Nine
2007 Teenage Dreams Box Set - 4 Pack
2010 The Kelly Nichols Anthology
1968 Orgy Girl's '69 ( B & W)
2009 The Honey Wilder Collection
1985 Tight Delight
1969 Shame, Shame, Everybody Knows Her Name (B&W)
1971 Kiss This Miss
1986 Careful He May Be Watching
1975 Fireworks Woman
1970 Lip Smackers
1970 Sex Rituals of the Occult
2008 Annie Sprinkle "The Original Squirter"
1965 A Woman's Urge (B & W)