DistribPix and Video-X-Pix Filmography

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Yearsort icon Film Director
The Blowhards
1969 Crack-Up Michael Findlay
1969 I Wish I Were In Dixie
1970 Restless
1970 The Postgraduate Harold Kovner
1970 The Debauchers Sydney Knight
1971 The Gang That Could
1971 Eye-Ball
1971 Kiss This Miss
1971 Keep The Ball Rolling
1971 A Time To Love Harold Kovner
1971 The Relatives Are Coming
1972 Sexual Customs of Scandinavia
1972 Illusions of A Lady Jonas Middleton
1973 Round Robin
1973 Teenage Cowgirls
1973 Fast Ball Tim Davies
1973 Rings of Passion
1973 Campus Girls
1973 Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig Ray Hoersch
1973 Amsterdam Dutch Girls
1973 Sleepy Head Joseph Sarno
1973 Lecher Chuck Vincent
1973 Danish Pastries Finn Carlsson
1973 High Rise Danny Stone
1973 Red Liners
1974 Teenage Cheerleaders
1974 The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann - 2 Disc Set Radley Metzger
1974 Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander Larry G. Spangler
1974 The Love Bus Shaun Costello
1974 Lady On The Couch
1975 Big Abner
1975 Come Fly With Us Shaun Costello
1975 Felicia Max Pecas
1975 Every Inch a Lady John Amero
1975 French Shampoo Philip T. Drexler
1975 Every Inch a Lady Lem Amero
1975 Sexteen Howard Ziehm
1975 Oriental Blue
1975 Fireworks Woman
1975 The Passions of Carol Shaun Costello
1976 That Lady From Rio Shaun Costello
1976 Bel Ami Mac Ahlberg
1976 Temptations
1976 Slippery When Wet Joseph Sarno
1976 Midnight Desires Shaun Costello
1976 Sweetheart
1976 Bang Bang You Got It Chuck Vincent
1976 The Opening of Misty Beethoven Radley Metzger
1976 Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street Francis Leroy
1976 Ecstasy In Blue Philip T. Drexler
1976 Teenage Deviate Leo Lion
1976 Once Over Nightly Leonard Kirtman
1976 Expose Me Lovely Armand Weston
1976 The Erotic Dr. Jekyll Victor Milt
1976 Blonde Velvet Philip T. Drexler
1976 Delicious Philip T. Drexler
1976 Double Exposure of Holly Bob Gill
1976 Virgin Snow Philip T. Drexler
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joseph Middleton
1976 Easy Alice
1976 Through the Looking Glass Joao Fernandes
1976 Sweet Cakes
1977 Joy
1977 Violation of Claudia William Lustig
1977 Visions Chuck Vincent
1977 Dirty Lilly Chuck Vincent
1977 Barbara Broadcast Radley Metzger
1977 Hot Honey William Lustig
1977 Honeymoon Haven Carter Stevens
1978 People Gerard Damiano
1978 Bad Penny Chuck Vincent
1978 Take Off Joao Fernandes
1978 Take Off Armand Weston
1978 All About Gloria Leonard Joseph Sarno
1978 All About Gloria Leonard Gloria Leonard
1978 Maraschino Cherry Radley Metzger
1979 Inside Jennifer Welles Joseph Sarno
1979 Inside Jennifer Welles Jennifer Welles
1979 Satin Suite Chuck Vincent
1979 That Lucky Stiff Chuck Vincent
1979 Misbehavin Chuck Vincent
1979 Blonde In Black Silk Philip T. Drexler
1979 Jack n Jill Chuck Vincent
1979 Jack n Jill Larry Revene
1979 Tigresses Joseph Sarno
1980 Secrets of a Willing Wife Norman Gurney
1980 Luscious Chuck Vincent
1980 S.O.S. Al Goldstein
1980 Bon Appetit Chuck Vincent
1980 Fascination Chuck Vincent
1980 Female Athletes Leonard Kirtman
1980 Sizzle
1980 Roommates Chuck Vincent
1980 Roommates Larry Revene
1980 Inside Seka Joseph Sarno
1981 Blue Jeans John Christopher
1981 A Girl's Best Friend Ron Sullivan
1981 The Love-In Arrangement Charles Larkin
1981 Angel Buns David MacKenzie